Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loving the new place

We've moved this past month. To our own diggs. It's been nice to get settled in our own space. We all walk around saying, "we love our home". Cept for Lukie. He doesn't talk in complete sentences yet. But we know he would be saying that. So...when I've needed a break from unpacking, I've been scrapping. Here are a few pages from the last week.
Bruiser using Black and Blue from Stolen Moments and Plum Dumpling Designs
Wild Man using Thoroughly Amused by Plum Dumpling Designs and Haynay Designs
What? I am still one away from my goal of 5 a month? Guess you know what I'll be doing tonight...Happy Scrapping All!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Goals, Making New

So one of my goals has always been to be caught up with a kids scrapbook by their birthday. It started out okay, I've always loved to scrap so by the time we had our 1st babe, I was pretty caught up and scrapping while she was a newborn was a sanity saver. Now having two kids, moving out of state, trying to help the DH start his practice, and do photography to pay bills, sadly scrapping has fallen by the wayside. It really is tragic, seeing is this is one of the things that I REALLY love to do. So. I've thought that no matter how crazy life ends up being, I think if I do 5 pages a month til November (Babe #2's birthday is November 30th), then maybe I will be close to being caught up by his birthday. Lofty goal, probably. But goal nonetheless. And here it is in print. So I'm officially accountable. Thanks Tawni for starting that birthday tradition by the way!!! Here are my first contributions for this month.

The first is using Mary's kit that was new last month, called Funny Face. It was a lot of fun to work with. Never short on personality and huge smiles with little man, you will be seeing more of this kit in the next few months, for sure.

This page was done with "Terrible Twos" by Plum Dumpling Designs. So fun. And so appropriate.
Click on the layouts below for links to the store. Happy scrapping folks!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Recent Pages done with Plum Dumpling...

Plum Dumpling Designs has a new kit out this week folks. Summer Storm was a great kit. So easy to use. Maybe it's because we have our own little tornado running around the last few months. He really is a mess. I did a thieving page on it, and there are a few other pages I've done with Mary's Designs that I have neglected to blog about. Click on the layout to get to see the kit in her store. Happy Scrapping!

Both of these layouts were modified from templates that were part of Mary's Grab Bag in May. Now you can find them separate here.


Monday, April 19, 2010

QP Freebie

Here's the QP freebie from the Easter page I did last week for baby girl. You can also find more freebies over at Plum Dumpling's CT Blog, so head over there for more goodies. Just click on the layout below to get to the download. Happy Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a new release day...

Sarah Bennett has two new kits out today! It's exciting and they are both awesome collabs. The one that I got to play with was Go Green with WM2'd Designs. I did a couple of pages with this one, and what I love about it, is they look completely different. It's packed full of fun goodies. Click the preview below to check it out!



And Mary of Plum Dumpling Designs has the full Whispers of Spring Kit released today. Their is a freebie of half the kit in the SM newsletter for April. I loved how this page turned out, so much so that I decided to make a freebie QP of it to give away on Monday on Mary's CT Blog. So check back then.

Last but not least, I worked up a page using the new Chunky Metal Alpha, and it completely worked awesome with the kit "He's my valentine".


I loved how they all turned out! Happy Scrapping Folks!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New CT and some Pages...

Greeting fellow scrappers! I was so excited this week to find out that I got accepted to Mary's CT with Plum Dumpling Designs. They are awesome to work with, and just to show off some of her cuteness, I did some pages using her most recent kit, Easter Sunday for the Hare in the Air Event that the kids had last weekend. It's funny doing the same page for both kids, but their experiences are so different, plus they aren't the same here we go! Her shop is linked to the Easter Sunday Preview! Enjoy and happy Scrapping this week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Choo Choo

I have been in a scrapping mood lately, which is awesome, but I should also be packing, so...I try and rationalize that I don't want to get too far behind. Here's a page for Luke's book that is for last weeks Tuesday Template Challenge at SM. Click the pic for credits.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final ADSR Challenges

This was the last week for ADSR. It's kinda bittersweet. I love having challenges to inspire me to scrap and it's been fun coordinating with Li. Here is the last "page" I did using Beautiful You by Plum Dumpling Designs. It is a really cute kit, and I plan on doing most of Kate's birthday with it, because it matches her in all her princess glory so well. Have a great week, and happy scrappin!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So I am trying to stay on top of 2009, and since Kate's birthday could be a book by itself, I thought it would be good to do a page from it using Jennifer Barrette's Ever After. Completely accurate since she had a princess themed bash, and this was even the before party party. We love our grandpa, who happens to turn 51 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad!

This second page was done for ADSR Challenge #10, using A Boy's World by Sarah Bennett. Li and I had to do a page together with what inspires us. Well, it's our kiddos ofcourse. I think of all I love to do that makes me me, and it's to take care of them, make them happy, and help them remember all that we've done together. Such inspiration.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have been having a blast doing the ADSR with Li. Here are some of the pages that I've been working on this week. Love Sarah Bennett's new kit by the way. It really is awesome! You can click on the preview to see the rest of the credits! Scrap on!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling Spunky?

Such cuteness! It's available today at SM. Click the preview below to get to her store!

Sarah Bennett has a new kit out today! It's super cute and you can use it for either a boy or a girl. I did a page with it for Luke from our first trip to the park a few weeks ago. It's been a long winter folks.

She has a freebie on the CT Blog, so if you click this link below you can get to that post...
She is also in the process of changing stores, and is re-releasing some products that have already been available. Sister Sue is one of those kits, and I did a page a week or so with it for the ADSR last week just because it worked so well with my pictures. This kit is so girlie and fun, what better to match with toe painting?

Happy Scrapping everyone! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

ADSR Season 5

So I am in the Amazing Digital Scraping Race. It's a good thing too, because with how nutty it's been with getting ready to graduate and move, it's a great motivation to scrap. They have two challenges each week that you participate with a partner, and then you get a participation prize for each completed challenge. My partner is Li, and the first challenge was to do a layout on your partner, by scraplifting one of their pages.

I used Everday Special by Sarah Bennett
Lifting Li's page Growing Up

The second challenge this week was more tricky. This is the 5th annual race, so this challenge was to theme it: 5 things I love..., with 5 fonts or alphas, 5 same elements, and one of your pictures had to have the number 5 in it. That was by far the toughest. Here what I came up with though...
Using Merry and Bright by Designs by Sarah Bennett
and the New alpha Barely There by Sarah Bennett.

The picture with a 5 was by far the hardest part to come up with. Sometimes having a recipe to scrap with is good, but most of the time it can be a pain trying to make everything exactly right.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Time No Scrap...

It's been a while since I've been able to scrap. We were out of town for so long visiting family and being busy with the holidays, that it was nice to take some time today during naptime and work on some pages with some of the cute stuff I've missed. Sarah Bennett had a really cute kit that is so perfect for Luke, that I am sure this is just the first of many pages. Here is my little trouble maker:This little man has been keeping me on my toes so much lately, but I loved these pictures. They are just so him right now. I used Sarah's kit is known as Tough Boy, and you can reach it by clicking on the preview below. She's got another kit coming out this Friday, so they'll be more pages to come! Happy Scrappin